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From Fundamental Physics to Practical Applications

  Prof. Rhyee’s laboratory is comprehensibly investigating the thermoelectric, magnetic, and superconducting materials and their exotic physical properties. We’re interested in the broad condensed matter physics problems ranging from fundamental understanding to practical applications. Many contemporary condensed matter physicists have been devoted to understand the complex strong interaction among spin-charge-orbital-lattice degrees of freedom. Our first goal is to deepen fundamental understanding on the strongly correlated electron system such as the low dimensional quantum nature of electron and spin, topologically protected electronic behavior, and unconventional magnetic and superconducting properties. From the fundamental research on the condensed matter, we’d like to extend the horizon of the research to practical applications. As of one solution to the global energy and environmental crisis, we focus on the waste heat recovery and environmentally friendly cooling technology by the research on the thermoelectric, magnetic cooling, and high thermal conductive materials development. We believe that our research will change the world and protect the earth by conducting the technologies. In order to do it, we’re full of a passion for the success!



Welcome new members in 2022 Fall semester!!

  • Combined course student : Mr. Seung Kwon Lee

​최신 고체물리학 출간 (교문사, 이종수, 2022)


Dept. of Applied Physics, Kyung Hee University, Yong-In 17104, Korea

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